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Culture and attractions

More than just skiing and adventures

Funäsdalen is not only known for skiing and outdoor activities; it is also the center of South Sami culture. Among other things, the area is home to the Sami theme park “Lopme Laante”, where visitors can learn about Sami culture and industry. The purpose is to educate people about Sami culture and its diversity. The park consists of a large wooden hut which adjoins a reception/shop. Inside, you can eat lunch, enjoy coffee and a snack, and buy traditional Sami handicrafts. There is also a peat hut and a playhouse for the kids. It is easy to reach the park via the gondola.


Funäsdalen is also home to Härjedalen’s Fjällmuseum, the mountain museum. This museum is wonderful for the whole family, with unique collections displayed in beautiful and fun exhibitions. It covers mountain farmers, the Sami people and industrial workers. The kids can climb through the museum’s secret passage and the world of the little people up to the “Säterstugan” cottage, where playful work awaits! A fish-filled lake and cows to milk can also be found here. The museum also has a store and the charming Café Gästis.

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Visit the musk oxen

Stand face to face with an ancient animal! Visit the unique musk ox enclosure outside of Tännäs, about 20 km east of Funäsdalen. The musk oxen live here in their natural environment. Reservations required for guided tours.

Visit Myskoxcentrum

Excellent, well-organized tour. Visitors and guides visited the enclosure on the animals’ terms, and the Musk Ox Centre showed incredible respect for the animals. Very committed and organized, and an absolutely incredible experience! I warmly recommend a visit.
Tomas Persson

Røros Mining Town

Just 70 km from Funäsdalen is the town of Røros, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The entire town center with its wooden buildings is protected. While history is apparent here, this is also a thriving town in continuous development. It is famous for its high percentage of artists and craftspeople.