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A thriving mountain village

Welcome to an authentic mountain village in Härjedalen

Funäsdalen (South Sami: Bienjedaelie) is located in Härjedalen near the Norwegian border, and has ancient roots. Today it is best known as an award-winning ski locale, but it is also a center for South Sami culture. The area is home to a long, robust culture of welcoming visitors. Hotell Funäsdalen is one of the more classic hotels of the Swedish mountains, and dates back to 1947.

Today, Funäsdalen is home to just over one thousand residents, but that number multiplies exponentially in winter. The mountain village is the hub of Funäsfjällen and the first destination you will reach by car. Located at the foot of Funäsdalsberget, the village offers sporting goods and grocery stores, restaurants, Systembolaget (liquor store), a museum and bakeries. You won’t find an O’Learys or any fast food chains here, but instead a brewery and locally produced food. Welcome to an authentic mountain village.



Hire skis, book activities, shop for sports equipment, drop off skis for prep and get expert assistance with boot fitting here. We also have fishing equipment, shoes, rain gear and outdoor leisure clothing. Visit us at the store – we’re happy to tell you all the latest from the mountain!
Phone: +46 (0)684-21430
Address: Rörosvägen 9


Our store has a wide selection of outdoor goods and accessories for sports and leisure. You will also find essentials for fishing, maps, cycling accessories, a mini pharmacy for the dog, and anything else you may need for your time in nature.

Phone: +46 (0)684-21435
Address: Rörosvägen 16


A wonderful little shop with a large selection from well-known brands.
Phone: +46 (0)70-360 88 80
Address: Rörosvägen 18


Handmade chocolate pralines with the tastes of the mountain, made in Funäsdalen.
Address: Rörosvägen 30
Phone: +46 (0)70-298 83 66

ICA Supermarket Funäsdalen

We offer wonderful fresh goods and local delicacies, as well as affordable everyday foods.
Address: Rörosvägen 13 A.
Phone: +46 (0)684-21007

Coop Funäsdalen

Your local Coop grocery store.
Phone: +46 (0)684-551 510
Address: Rörosvägen 40



Your local Systembolaget (liquor store).
Phone: +46 (0)684-66 82 00
Address: Sjöängsvägen 2

Trolltrumman, Inne & Ute

Phone: +46 (0)684 210 01
Address: Rörosvägen 8
Website: Facebook

Are you in Funäsdalen?

Here you’ll find all updated info that you’ll need when you are visiting us, such as opening hours, weather conditions, web cams and ski slope maps.

Are you here?
Hyr utrustning

Rent equipment?

If you wanna travel light that’s not a problem. In our village there are plenty of ski shops with rental gear.

Rent equipment

How to get here

You can travel to Funäsdalen by car, bus, train or flight. We are situated in the middle of Funäsfjällen, neighbor with the ski resorts Tänndalen, Tänndalen, Ramundberget, Bruksvallarna och Tännäs.

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