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The park

Welcome to one of Swedens best parks

Funäsparken has creative features for every category and level of rider, as well as black, red and blue runs. The park is located in its own area adjacent to the other slopes, with its own lift and parking lot. It was designed by an awesome team, led by Micke Dabrowski.

We are proud and pleased that our park has received such fine distinctions. In 2011, it won Best Park in the magazine Transition. In 2020, we came in second place when Freeride’s readers voted for Sweden’s best park.

Funäsdalsberget’s park has had ready-built soil plateaus for a long time, and combined with the snow-friendly climate, the scene is set for early opening and a long season year after year. And just like Kläppen, Funäsparken has a very short circuit time, which makes riding in the park really streamlined. Bonus points for being able to ride powder all the way down to the park in any of the runs above.
Statement from Freeride’s readers

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The Swedish Ski Areas Industry Association SLAO’s tips for safer riding:

  • Choose a piste classification and obstacles that match your skill level.
  • Do a slow first run to check out the prevailing conditions at the snowpark.
  • Slow down if visibility is poor or landings are hard.
  • Wear a helmet!

Park rules

  • Don’t go too fast – riding at the park is done at your own risk.
  • Drop in – start your ride at the top of the park, check that landings are clear.
  • Keep moving – don’t stop in a landing or in any other place where you are not visible to others.
  • Stay on your line – do not cross over to other lines.
  • Ride with caution – respect the safety of yourself and others.
  • Check – jumps, half pipes, rails, etc. before you use them.