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Families with kids

Lolandet: an area just for kids

Lolandet is located near the Kåvan Guest Center. Lolandet has courses, small jumps and terrain waves, where many of our youngest skiers begin their ski careers. Skiers ride a button lift here, and the speed is adapted for kids. Via the button lift, it is easy to reach the gentle Novan slope (next to Funäsparken) and Lillparken.


Lillparken is located next to Funäsparken (where the big jumps are). Lillparken has simple jumps and rails and the slope takes riders down to the same surface lift as Funäsparken. When the kids get tired and want to warm up, you are near the Kåvan Guest Center, where you can find lunch, coffee and snacks.

Are you in Funäsdalen?

Here you’ll find all updated info that you’ll need when you are visiting us, such as opening hours, weather conditions, web cams and ski slope maps.

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Rent equipment?

If you wanna travel light that’s not a problem. In our village there are plenty of ski shops with rental gear.

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How to get here

You can travel to Funäsdalen by car, bus, train or flight. We are situated in the middle of Funäsfjällen, neighbor with the ski resorts Tänndalen, Tänndalen, Ramundberget, Bruksvallarna och Tännäs.

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